Our Story

CarryWell is the signature product of My Smart Products, LLC,  based in Denver Colorado.  I am a retired eye surgeon, and my fiancée Lisa has been a stockbroker, art gallery owner, and a stay-at-home mother of two.  As a physician, I spent most of my adult life trying to improve the quality of patients' lives.  And although I've retired from active clinical practice, I still have the drive to improve people's lives (although this is in an entirely different way!)

Lisa and I agreed that helping people and the environment remain important priorities in our lives. We all should do our part to improve our world, and make it a better place for our kids.  We hate the concept of disposable grocery bags that are everywhere and clogging our landfills.  Although there are seemingly thousands of reusable grocery bags available, there are very few ways to stylishly and efficiently carry and organize them.  If this could be done in a more enjoyable way, shoppers would be more likely to use them.

We spent a year working on, and improving the design of what we now call CarryWell™, the Reuseful™ Grocery Bag Organizer System.  We think this product is a real game changer, and we hope you agree.  We appreciate your business, and also ask you to review CarryWell™ after you try it out.



Our story began when I was preparing to go to the grocery, knowing I had a big job ahead of me with kids coming in town for the week. These trips often feel like an overwhelming experience, as I’m sure many of you can relate to!   When I looked at the reusable bags scattered in my trunk and kitchen, I felt that there had to be a better way to keep this small but important part of a family’s everyday life more organized. A quick fix was to gather several bags and shove them into one larger bag.   While this reduced some clutter, it wasn’t an ideal solution because things were still disorganized.

After a lot of work and experimentation, Larry and I came up with the design for CarryWell, based on rolling the bags and placing them in a vertical, modular arrangement within one organizer bag.  Features were added to make it more efficient…including insulated bags, produce bags, pockets for coupons and lists, and even a snap-on strap  to hang the organizer on the outside of your cart.   I added color and innovative designs to make the bags stylish.

Larry and I agreed that helping people remains an important part of our lives, whether that is to help them be more organized or to protect the environment. 

Our goal is to modernize and organize the grocery shopping experience for you. I invite you to try our fantastic new product and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!