5 Eco Friendly Alternatives to Every Day Bags

Despite all efforts to reduce plastic usage, some still use plastic shopping bags in their daily lives. We just can’t do without them; at least, that’s what we think. Over 30 billion plastic grocery bags, 100 billion shopping bags, and other plastic bags are used for everyday occasions in the US each year. By switching to eco-friendly bags, you  bring create a  difference in the environment, helping to get rid of plastic pollution and improve your lifestyle.

Let’s check out some really cool eco-friendly alternatives to everyday bags.

Trash Bags

By using plastic bags for taking out trash, you are only adding to the already serious problem of plastic pollution. Plastic takes 500-1000 years to degrade, and even then it is not done in a safe manner. Use 100% bio-degradable bags for taking out your trash. Not only do these bags degrade in 12-24 months, but also cause no harm to the environment at all.

Shopping Bags

You don’t have to ask for plastic bags every time you go shopping. Get eco-friendly shopping bags and end your relationship with plastic completely. These bags are stylish, durable and can hold up to three times the weight of a regular plastic bag. Plus, you can save on fees from certain stores too. Do you really need any more reason to switch to reusable shopping bags?

Grocery Bags

Why spoil the freshness and health benefits of fresh produce by keeping them in plastic bags? Use reusable insulated grocery bags to store produce and keep them fresh. If you go for the mesh type reusable grocery bags, then you can even wash the produce without taking them out of the bag. Isn’t that great?

Lunch Bags

Whether it is for your office or your kid’s school, lunch should always be packed in reusable backpacks, lunchboxes, and sandwich bags. The food stays fresh and you don’t have to deal with plastic after finishing your food. Try it out for yourself. I am sure you will absolutely love it.

Outings and Parties

Planning a party or an outing? Don’t use plastic wrap for packing all the food. Use compostable bags or reusable shopping bags to take food and beverages along. You would be surprised at the versatility of reusable shopping bags. They can be used for more than just shopping. These reusable bags are great for use as gym bags, picnic bags and several other applications. 

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